Music - ActivismFebruary 09, 2023
Jail Time Records
A view to freedom

Multi-disciplinary artist and photographer Dione Roach speaks on how music can recapture life in Cameroon’s Central Prison of Douala.

Film - ActivismJanuary 06, 2023
Corruption on Earth
Woman, life, freedom

The one video everyone should see to understand the current revolution in Iran. Sarcasm and irony expose the absurdity and hypocrisy of the Islamic Regime.

Photography - ActivismJanuary 02, 2023
Silvana Trevale
Capturing the spirit of Venezuela

The Venezuelan photographer discusses her process, inspiration and the fortitude of her country's women, children, families and communities.

Literature - Events - ActivismDecember 27, 2022
Festival of Queer Spanish Literature in London
Rethinking identity and recreating our lost realities

The event celebrated its second edition with the current names of queer literature written in Spanish that took London as a safe space for a week.

Events - Music - ActivismDecember 21, 2022
Queer techno rave-cum-performance art platform

Welcome to London’s best club night. Step into the party providing a safe space for trans revolutionaries, queer techno goths, club kids and drag queens.

Photography - ActivismDecember 13, 2022
Beyond human

We talk to the queer artist about “Bodybuilders,” the colourful evolution of the United Kingdom’s club scene, and what makes every day a performance.

Art - ActivismDecember 06, 2022
Corbin Shaw x Women's Aid
He’s coming home

While English football fans euphorically chant their favourite slogan ‘it’s coming home,’ victims of domestic abuse fear that ‘He’s coming home.’

ActivismDecember 05, 2022
Char Ellesse
Towards an abandonment of binaries

Providing a voice to the marginalised: opening up the discussion of gender issues, sexuality, race and identity politics through online communities.