MusicSeptember 29, 2023
Peyton Gilliland
Burns Make Villains

As anyone who has been in love would know, love hurts and is, in fact, very close to hate. That’s what the singer’s new single, “Love Kills,” is about.

MusicSeptember 29, 2023
Dark Pop Reverie

Let emerging dark-pop icon Manulani take you on a captivating journey into the depths of co-dependency with their haunting new single “Love Bump.”

MusicSeptember 29, 2023
Pen Pin
Digital Surf Escape

The duo is committed to not only staying alive in the wake of a culture of boredom, but also thriving to a new surf rock sound in their latest single.

MusicSeptember 29, 2023
Broken Dreams

Being a homage to Dione Warwick’s“Do You Know the Way to San José,” the band’s new track “San Jose” is the third single off their upcoming new album.

MusicSeptember 29, 2023
Building Community

She’s celebrating the launch of her debut label Marginalia today, with the release of the imprint’s eagerly anticipated inaugural offering, “Medusa” EP.

MusicSeptember 29, 2023
Exchanging authentic bonds for dopamine hits

Are we embracing shallow connections? Does deep bonding elude us more each day? The artist contemplates this in his latest single, "Lies."

MusicSeptember 28, 2023
Ralphie Choo
Mastering the New International Spanish pop

The Madrid-based artist releases “Supernova,” an impressive record that captures with sharpness how pop music made in Spain is full of emerging young talent.

MusicSeptember 28, 2023
Expansive dreamscape

Metaphorizing bodies evoke the non-binary spirit of evolution in a cyber-forest fantasy. Eternity and purity mingle with death and darkness.