DesignSeptember 02, 2020
Gucci Décor
Souvenir from Rome

Inspired by the opulence of the Capitoline Museums, the Italian House introduces us to their newest homeware collection, which includes all kinds of objects.

DesignApril 20, 2020
Charlotte Taylor & Hannes Lippert
Quarantine dreams are made of this

Dreaming of interiors to get lost during quarantine? The set designer and 3D artist have collaborated on the “Tiled House”, a beautiful yet imaginary house.

Art - DesignMarch 10, 2020
Celebrating contradiction

Until April 8, visit Mexico-based gallery Masa’s exhibition celebrating contradiction as a reflection of the ongoing process of becoming and self-definition.

Art - DesignFebruary 18, 2020
Training Humans
Welcome to dystopia

If you’re a fan of “Black Mirror”, don’t miss this exhibition exploring the photos AI systems are trained with and how they create bias and discrimination.

DesignFebruary 03, 2020
Lugalbanda Ceramics
The beauty of the in-between

“It is very difficult to have a firm definition of what things are: useful or useless, art or crafts.” Meet Claudia and Elsa and their artsy yet useful work.

DesignJanuary 27, 2020
Harry Nuriev
Every corner needs to be in the right place

Good design has to make you horny, right? At least that’s what designer Harry Nuriev tells us. We speak with him after his Balenciaga sofa went viral.

DesignJanuary 20, 2020
Serban Ionescu
Chairs as characters

Discover the humourous and playful furniture of the Brooklyn-based architect, who creates sculptural chairs resembling fun and colourful characters.

Fashion - DesignDecember 27, 2019
A punk, mad universe

The Lagos-born, London-based fashion designer Mowalola transforms London’s Now Gallery space into a multi-sensory, immersive installation until January.