FilmApril 28, 2023
Strange Way of Life
Queers on the verge of the Wild West

You can now watch the trailer for Pedro Almodóvar's new queer Western short film, a Saint Laurent production starring Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal.

FilmApril 27, 2023
Black Mirror
Return of the Netflix sci-fi horror

After almost 4 years of uncertain hiatus, this hit Netflix anthology series returns with more stories about the dark and crazy side of humanity.

FilmApril 18, 2023
The Idol
Exploring the underbelly of fame and the music industry

The much-awaited series from the creator of “Euphoria” releases a new teaser which gives us a deeper understanding of the seedy side of music stardom.

Fashion - FilmApril 12, 2023
Euphoria Fashion
Exploring the iconic fashion of the hit HBO TV Series

This book dives deep into the iconic looks that defined the famous but controversial HBO series and how those styles have gotten popular amongst the fans.

FilmApril 05, 2023
Redefining the era of 90s/2000s chick flicks

The new trailer and posters dropped yesterday, which shows us more about Barbie, her world and her Barbie and Ken squad which you can see more on July 21st.

FilmMarch 29, 2023
Eloise Thomas
Getting through the door

The British actor discusses her latest role in ITV’s "The Bay," breaking onto the scene, coping with imposter syndrome, and seeing herself in her roles.

Art - FilmFebruary 15, 2023
Harmony Korine
Distorting artistic perspective

Hauser & Wirth presents a mesmerising exhibition of boundary-pushing Mistakist Art. Experience an otherworldly atmosphere this summer in West Hollywood.

FilmFebruary 13, 2023
Give Me Pity!
Hostess on the verge

The anticipated short film serves Blackmirror on psychedelics, horror elements and retro fashion looks. You can watch the trailer now.