Fakethias metalmagazine 1
MusicJuly 30, 2019
Extremes and contrasts

Drawn to sounds that paint mental imagery, this Norwegian DJ is taking us on an audio-visual ride with his eclectic mix of disjointed sounds and beats.

Cuco metalmagazine 2
MusicJuly 29, 2019
Melancholic metamorphosis

The LA-based singer has just dropped “Para Mi”, his newest album, where he sings both in Spanish and English about love, heartbreak, and personal experiences.

Afrodeutsche   dekmantel festival 2019 %28day 4%29   please credit bart heemskerk
MusicJuly 26, 2019
The language of sound

Henrietta Smith-Rolla has managed to intrigue audiences with her precise and emotional tracks, sets and scores that sound like musical narratives.

1 sonarhall  arca2019
MusicJuly 26, 2019
Sónar Barcelona 2019
Exquisite, radical and queer

With a special focus on artists working on the margins of gender, geography, and genres, the three-day festival has been a celebration of all things radical.

Lucreciadalt metalmagazine 2
Design - MusicJuly 23, 2019
Lucrecia Dalt
Simplicity with great effort

The Berlin-based geotechnical engineer-turned-artist speaks about her sonic investigation of the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion for this year's SónarMies.

Blood orange benzo 3
MusicJuly 16, 2019
Blood Orange
Surreal realness

Dev Hynes, better known as Blood Orange, slays the game again with his new music video “Benzo” from his album “Angel’s Purse” in which he stars and directs.

Sebastian beograde
MusicJuly 10, 2019
A long-awaited comeback

With an upcoming new album surrounded by unbreakable secrecy, the Parisian producer launches the music video for “Beograde”, an ode to dancing and ecstasy.

Matiasaguayo metalmagazine 1
MusicJuly 09, 2019
Matías Aguayo
Action, not Instagram

This artist left ‘popularity contest’ online tools saying, “I hear much radical speech, but not much radical music”. He seeks a more inclusive space.