PhotographyMarch 23, 2021
Charles Thiefaine

While reporting about war, the photographer exposes other aspects of Iraqi people’s lives, without the prejudices we have for the other and the unknown.

PhotographyMarch 23, 2021
Circulation(s) Festival
Exploring the future of photography

The French festival of European emerging photographers starts on March 13. An eleventh edition dedicated to set and reveal future trends in the industry.

PhotographyMarch 22, 2021
The Magnum Square Print Sale
The Unexpected

Magnum Photos presents "The Unexpected," an online sale that offers over 90 signed archival-quality prints that celebrate the unpredictability of life.

PhotographyMarch 19, 2021
Alex Verhalle
Tales of ethereal joy

Wandering through wild crowds with a camera hidden under his arm, this photographer captures the raw and imperfect side of the underground techno world.

PhotographyMarch 18, 2021
Omer Ga’ash
The sculpting of bodies

Situating human bodies in textures, allows Omer Ga’ash to show a distinct perspective of how our life vessels can be perceived, in their purest state.

PhotographyMarch 17, 2021
Working Together: The Photographers of the Kamoinge Workshop
Finding a collective voice through photography

New York’s Whitney Museum presents the group retrospective, “Working Together,” focusing on the Kamoinge Collective during that artists’ formative years.

PhotographyMarch 15, 2021
Vincent Ferrané
A voyeuristic eye

This artist studies the relationship between photography and reality, as well as the idea of a beauty canon or the rules of aesthetics in the modern world.

PhotographyMarch 12, 2021
Mathieu Richer Mamousse
Patience and honesty to document people’s stories

Under the premise that “being a good photographer is not enough to make a good documentary,” shows everything from communist Bulgaria to voodoo rituals.