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Born out of the frustrations of a male-dominated industry and the necessity to build a safe space and inclusive environment for the queer community, Inferno celebrates hedonism and individuality through a series of cult-club nights which cut through the uniformity of London’s cis male crowds. The techno-rave meets performance art night priorities and champions trans, non-binary and queer DJs addressing the lack of representation the trans community has within electronic music, mainstream club culture and the arts.
Lewis G. Burton founded Inferno 8 years ago, internationally renowned DJ, performance artist, curator and LGBTQI+ activist. Burton has been at the forefront of London’s underground queer scene for nearly a decade, nurturing the next generation of transgender, non-binary, intersex and gender non-conforming talents within a male-centric scene.

Inferno has kept its authentic and daring edge since its inception at Dalston Superstores. Princess Julia, Fecal Matter, Kae Tempest are a few of the names surrounding the community-driven underground rave which fuses camp with the underground to create unique clubbing experiences centred around community, and providing a space for queer alternative expression. 

Last Friday the 9th December, Inferno hosted a unique rave featuring DJ sets from New World Dysorder co-founders Jasmine Infiniti and Yha Yha who played alongside Lewis G. Burton, Neurom4ncer and Maze. The set list also included Sweatmother’s live performance and a pop-up queer porn cinema room curated by Otherness Archive. 

As an extension of the club nights, the Inferno Summit an annual seminar which intends to celebrate the community through performances, film screenings, artist talks and panel discussions took place on the 17th of December. The seminar receives backing from the Institute of Contemporary Arts, some of the artists that got to showcase their work in this years edition include Wet Mess, Alex Diamond-Rivlin & Kae Tempest, Eve Stainton, Travis Alabanza, Sakeema Crook. 

“Trans+ people are often the most marginalised in society and recently Rishi Sunak has said he wants to remove transgender people from the equalities act. We have some great representation with Honey Dijon, Eris Drew and Octa Octa but there’s so many talented trans+ DJs who deserve some time in the spotlight!,” says Lewis G. Burton.  

Nur Rezai-Mah
Roxy Lee

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