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ArtMay 31, 2023
Poetry in colour

The Chilean artist discusses reality’s capacity for awe, and where he finds inspiration ahead of London debut exhibition, “The Wild Iris” at Casa AmaCord.

Art - DesignMay 24, 2023
Reviving the whimsical and imaginative vibes

The exhibition “Nothing to See Here” is on view at KidSuper gallery in Brooklyn until May 31st displaying his fantastical and whimsical creations.

ArtMay 22, 2023
From engineering to balloon art

From balloon poodles to parrots, moths and jellyfish: this Japanese artist awakens an inflatable animal kingdom, turning birthday parties into fine art.

ArtMay 19, 2023
Hot avatars in oil

Inspired by the aesthetics of online gaming, this artist creates paintings that depict a pastel-colored metaverse inhabited by scantily-clad rebels.

Fashion - ArtMay 17, 2023
Queering the digiverse

The immensely talented 3D designer, artist, and fashion head discusses the launch of her “Charm” collection, world building, AI, and dream projects.

ArtMay 12, 2023
Breaking the mold

The celebrated designer slash painter discusses eroticism, his bio plastic creations, grindr, pressures on creative production and key influences.

ArtMay 11, 2023
Creatures born from chaos

We get to know the Atlanta-born artist whose self-titled solo exhibition at London’s Saatchi Yates features a collection of his work from the past year.

Fashion - ArtMay 10, 2023
Representing Black luxury

Jewellery designer Kiala Kanzi discusses the significance of luxury in regard to Black hair and the creative process behind the fitting adornments.

ArtMay 02, 2023
Crafting nostalgia

The Detroit-based multidisciplinary artist shares on her creative practice, sophomore year and why ultimately, everything is catalysed by human memory.

ArtApril 28, 2023
Of monster battles, laser eyes and burning castles

With large-scale paintings of impossible beasts, the Brooklyn-based artist opens up a world of childlike carefreeness, promising plenty of adventures.

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