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FashionJuly 01, 2022
Sharply shaped

A cogent limited release capsule produced under the creative leadership of musician and designer Oli Skyes remixes the jewellery brand’s iconic aesthetic.

FashionJune 30, 2022
Jockstraps...holding it all up

What is masculinity? Thom Browne gives us his definition of it, one that includes skin, lots of skin and, of course, his iconic perfectly fitted tailoring.

Fashion - ArtJune 30, 2022
Diving into the vault

In collaboration, the two powerhouses created a space to explore art in the metaverse. Their first exhibition explores Gucci’s heritage through cryptoart.

FashionJune 29, 2022
Botanical experimentation

With impending coalescence of the organic and fabricated worlds, this experimental collection reframes this symbiosis in a refreshing and conceptual light.

FashionJune 28, 2022
A call to simplicity

Throw on your hiking boots and button up that trench coat – we’re going on a journey. The latest collection challenges the constraints of functional wear.

FashionJune 28, 2022
Imagined together

This is the first collection that has been thought up by the creative team, following the legacy, language and codes that Virgil Abloh left them.

FashionJune 27, 2022
From an accessory to a wardrobe staple

Making socks a sexy accessory with the highest quality, the Stockholm-based brand releases its new collection with a video inspired by the '90s catwalks.

FashionJune 24, 2022
Watch it here!

Led by Creative Director Kim Jones, Dior Men's Spring/Summer collection premieres today. Tune in here to watch the show, streaming live from Paris.

FashionJune 23, 2022
New looks, new beginnings

The Spring/Summer collection marks a new era for the brand, in the wake of the late artistic director Virgil Abloh. Click on the livestream here!

FashionJune 22, 2022
Beauty and brains

Intricate slow-fashion corsets for brats dolls who talk current affairs. The Law graduate come Puglia-based designer explores her roots in Sakhalin island.

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